Solar Hot Water

U Tube Split systems are designed to provide installation flexibility, reducing the roof structure load.

Solar Lord roof integrated systems are a combination of roof mounted solar collectors and a storage tank, which are ideal when ground space is limited or for multi-level houses. 

A Solar Lord heat pipe tube system is a 'split system.' The sun's heat energy is captured by a stylish, low profile solar collector on your roof and stored in a highly insulated water tank located on the ground. Hence producing sun solar energy.

Solar pre-heating of a commercial hot water supply is an effective way to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, obtain significant energy savings and reduce running costs. Commercial and industrial operations provide the perfect opportunity for solar hot water systems and solar pre-heating, due to their high energy use and large expanses of roof space - ideal for roof top collector arrays.
Our unique U-Tube evacuated tube solar collectors use direct heating technology. Through independent testing, they have proven to be the most efficient collector in the Australian marketplace.
When compared to traditional flat collectors, the following can be assured:

  • Less roof space at same solar contribution or same roof space produce higher solar gains
  • 30-40% more efficient than antiquated flat plate collectors / 11% more efficient than ‘passive heating’ aka ‘heat pipe’ evacuated tubes 
  • Attract high Government Rebates & Incentives 

Key Features:

  • Low pitching installation without seen from street (keep architecture’s exterior design)
  • Frost Protection – Level 2 Frost Protection Accreditation (-25 degrees C)
  • Hail Protection
  • Low Maintenance- Hassle Free
  • Individual Tubes can be interchanged without any down time or significant loss of performance
  • Suitable for low pitched roofs (5 degree minimum pitch)
  • High wind force rating, withstand Beaufort Wind Force 11

Solar Lord Commercial Solar uses our award winning U Tube collector - the highest efficiency collector available on the market without exception. The U Tube reduces roof space by up to 40% or provides 40% more solar contribution by using the same roof space of the others. By using fewer collectors, you will not only reduce the labour on the installation but also save space for other key amenities. All of the systems can provide hot water with solar contribution level with best available government incentives. The significantly offset from STCs (Renewable Energy Certificates) make commercial solar achievable at lower cost and practical for any scale project.
Advantages and benefits
Super Efficient -Award Winning U Tube Collectors - Market Leading Technology
Cost effective – Eligible for the Highest Government Incentives
Year Round Performance – always perpendicular to the suns rays

  • German Design
  • Australian coating technology 98.7% absorber efficiency
  • Highest Solar input – same roof space
  • Same solar input – less roof space
  • Space Saving and versatile installation options
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