Solar Lord Collector & Associated Units

1. Outer Tube
Allows light rays to transparently pass through with minimal reflection

2. Inner Tube
Special selective coating on outside of the tube contributes the highest thermal efficiency and good thermal stability.

3. Evacuated Space
Stops heat loss/emission to outside of the glass tube making these collectors particularly useful during cold and cloudy weather

4. Coating Surface
Absorbs maximum solar radiation to convert into heat efficiently

5. Cylindrical Shape
Sunlight is perpendicular to the absorber for most of the day.

6. Fin
Transfers the heat to copper tube without heat loss

7. Copper Conduction Tube
Passes the heat to the water/fluid inside the copper tube.

8. Barium Layer 
Actively absorbs the air to maintain vacuum of the two tubes

How does it work?

Transparently through the outer tube, the Sun rays perpendicularly strike the absorber surface coated on outside of inner tube. The surface of absorptive material absorbs maximum solar radiation and converts it into heat efficiently. Because the sunlight is perpendicular to the absorber almost all day the solar energy can be absorbed and transferred efficiently. The insulator built by vacuum space between the outer and inner tubes functions well to eliminate heat loss to the outside but only pass the energy to the copper tube inside of the inner tube. This smarter design and perfectly manufactured product is a great contribution to sustainable living.