Solar Hydronic heating

Hydronic, or radiant floor heating is a method of heating a home, shop, or other building with the heat concentrated in the floor.

It works by embedding special tubing in a concrete foundation or in a thin concrete mixture on top of a wood-framed floor. Heated water (or a food-grade antifreeze mixture) flows through this tubing, warming the thermal mass of the concrete. Conventional forced-air systems, wood stoves, or other heating methods produce uneven heat, with the highest air temperatures near the ceilings. Hydronic heating puts the heat in the floor under your feet, gently warming a room or a complete structure. This results in similar heating levels with superior comfort without wasting energy and money in monthly fuel bills.

The warm water/fluid heats the room when it circulated through panel radiators or tubing in a radiant floor. Water/fluid is first heated by solar collectors. The heated water/fluid is circulated to a heat device like panel radiators, skirting board convectors or underfloor pipes where it emits the heat then returning to the solar collector for re-heating. Electric, natural/LPG gas or solid fuel boilers may use as a back-up at night or overcast days. 

Solar power is also the most environmentally-friendly fuel source as it does not contribute to greenhouse pollution. 

Solar Hydronic Heating systems provide you a free of draughts and noise, cleaner and safer environment. The free energy from the Sun heats your home more naturally and evenly heat distribution. Solar Hydronic heating systems are the best quality than others and add your home comfort and market value. Asthma and allergy suffers will certainly benefit from a Solar Hydronic Heating System that does not move large volume of air and dust. The heat in your home can be better controlled and delivered where and when you require it. With most efficiency and comfort being bring solar hydronic heating certainly is your first favorite choice.


Even Heat - Hydronic heating systems often provide more even heat than other system. A steady supply of warm water through the heating unit results in a constant supply of heat to the home.

Comfortable - Hydronic Heating is the most pleasant and comfortable form of heating as it is provided by natural convection and radiation, much more comfortable than blowing hot air. No more suffering from dry air, draughts or unbalanced hot and cold spots from high temperature fires, burners or ducted systems. 
Silent - There are no fans blowing hot air so there is no noise or draughts, just quite, comfortable 
warmth. The only moving parts are in the pump, contained within the boiler, which is used to circulate 
the hot water to the radiators and convectors Space saves - A small volume of hot water will deliver the same amount of heat as a large volume of warm air. Heating air, rather than water, requires ductwork many time large than a water –filled pipe. 
Reliable - Hydronic Heating is very reliable, simply install and relax. 
Healthy - Ideal for allergy or asthma sufferers as hydronic heating warms with minimal air movement so there is less dust and allergens. 

Individual Control - Each radiator has a control that will increase, decrease or turn off the heat. Living areas can be warmer than bedrooms and seldom used rooms can be turned off to provide the comfort you want and to save on your gas bill.

The floor slab transforms into a slow-release radiant heat bank providing uniform temperature throughout. Underfloor radiant heat systems are almost aligned with the 'optimum heat curve' as defined by the heating industry. In Western Europe , 50% of all new construction uses radiant floor

Heating Systems

Underfloor heating using Multitherm products is clean, safe and zero-allergen central heating system with extremely low-maintenance costs. Water is heated via a high-efficiency Sime boiler and circulated through a network of highest quality Multitherm PE-RT polyethylene pipe, laid in the floor slab. The system operates at low water temperatures reducing operating costs to a minimum.

The floor slab transforms into a slow-release radiant heat bank providing uniform temperature throughout. Underfloor radiant heat systems are almost aligned with the 'optimum heat curve' as defined by the heating industry use Solar Lord everywhere and under all surfaces.

Solar underfloor heating systems ensure a comfortable warm floor or room heat and are suitable for a variety of applications. Equally important is the fact that Solar Lord underfloor heating system can be installed in all types of floor whether they are new concrete floors, tile floors or carpet floors. 

Under Floor Heating

Invisible, effective and economical - it is the smart alternative!