U Tube Split Systems

U Tube Split systems are designed to provide installation flexibility, reducing the roof structure load.

The U tube split systems use the most efficient collector available on the market and consist of a cost efficient vitreous enamel solar storage tank that is installed separately from the collector to the ground.

Solar Lords U tube collector has water flowing along through the copper pipe which inserts into a thermos flask tube vacuumed between two layers of glass tubes. Applied with direct heating technology, the U tube collector converts 98.4% of the sun irradiations (direct and indirect sun beams) to the collector surface into thermal heat energy. 
With a thermal insulated vitreous enamel (glass-lined) tank, a Solar Lord water heater will provide most of the energy your water heating needs. The systems utilise a supplementary heating source (boosting) to ensure your hot water is available in case of low solar contribution days or on rainy days. The back-up unit can be typically fuelled by gas or electricity.
Solar Lords Gas Booster uses 6 star rating instantaneous gas water heater in line of hot water outlet. The gas back-up unit is only activated to top up the water temperature when hot water drowned from the tank when necessary to ensure the water temperature meets the set level.
For the electric booster system, a heating element is built in the middle of the storage tank and controlled by thermostat which pre-sets at 600 C degrees to ensure hot water is available whenever you need it. The heating element can also be connected to an off-peak tariff or a time to suit whenever hot water is needed.
Select the most efficient collector system – the U tube system, to give you the best solar energy potential for your home to save energy and slash your bill instantly. 


  • A range of storage capacities from 180 litres to 450 litres
  • Back up available with electric booster or continuous flow gas booster
  • Collector can be installed as low as 50 degrees. Contribute solar without impacts roof aesthetics
  • No need to reinforce the roof structure
  • No anti-freeze valve needed. Natural frost barrier of the evacuated tube tolerance for temperatures down below zero
  • One collector meets new building regulations to supply hot water for a family of 3-5 persons
  • A sacrificial anode is provided in the tank for added protection