U Tube Integrated System

Solar Lord roof integrated systems are a combination of roof mounted solar collectors and a storage tank, which are ideal when ground space is limited or for multi-level houses. 

Different to traditional thermosiphon systems which installed high pitched frame collector and storage tank , Solar Lords roof integrated system is designed for a good fit for the architecture exterior and built with full control functions to prevent system overheating. It particularly suits model dwellings with a flat roof. Solar Lords integrated systems provide a solution to our community for going solar without compromising the buildings initial architecture design.


  • A range of storage capacities from 200 litres to 300 litres
  • Back up available with electric booster or continuous flow gas booster
  • Collector can be installed as low as 50 degrees. Gain solar do not result in unsightly high pitched collector 
  • Entire system can be installed and hidden in the roof. Improved aesthetic of flat roof dwellings
  • No anti-freeze valve needed. Natural frost barrier of the evacuated tube tolerance for temperatures down to -25° C
  • One collector meets new building regulations to supply hot water for family of 3-5 persons
  • A sacrificial anode is provided in the tank for added protection
  • 7 years warranty on the solar collectors and tanks