Heat Pipe systems

A Solar Lord heat pipe tube system is a 'split system.' The sun's heat energy is captured by a stylish, low profile solar collector on your roof and stored in a highly insulated water tank located on the ground. Hence producing sun solar energy.

 The heat pipe collector uses an indirect heating technology. The solar energy water only flows along the top part of the manifold where multi- condenser bulbs are inserted. The heat transfer manifold gathers all the heat energy from individual tubes and passes the heat energy to the water when it flows past through the manifold. 

The heat pipe collector system is very useful for those poor water quality areas. All the heat pipe collectors must be installed and tilted no less the 200 to ensure its performance.

The system can be boosted, when required, by gas or electricity. The superior performance of a Solar Lord solar system means that for a large part of the year you will experience a reduction in your energy bills as the supplementary boosting is generally very low.

Install a high performance SolarLord heat pipe system today for maximum solar energy utilization.