Solar Domestic Hot Water

For more than 13 years, Solar Lord has been designing and building award-winning Solar Hot Water systems that have set the benchmark for outstanding design and quality of make & finish. Leading in solar thermal technologies, Solar LordTM uses the most efficient collectors which catch most of the suns irradiation to convert to heat energy with minimal heat loss.
By combining an unwavering pursuit of efficiency and quality in everything we do, with a service that is focussed on you, Solar Lord is your first choice when considering solar energy systems.

Our range of solar water heaters feature on the ground mounted –split systems and roof integrated – pump force & controlled systems, with options in tank styles & sizes, thermal collectors & supplementary back-up. All the models are designed to maximise the free and clean solar energy to save most of the energy to heat the water for your daily demand, whilst still providing quality solar hot water that is affordable and profitable for the money invested.

U Tube Split systems are designed to provide installation flexibility, reducing the roof structure load.

Solar Lord roof integrated systems are a combination of roof mounted solar collectors and a storage tank, which are ideal when ground space is limited or for multi-level houses. 

A Solar Lord heat pipe tube system is a 'split system.' The sun's heat energy is captured by a stylish, low profile solar collector on your roof and stored in a highly insulated water tank located on the ground. Hence producing sun solar energy.