Commercial Gas Centralised Hot Water

For residential blocks of about fifteen or more stacked residential apartments, centralised gas hot water can be cheaper and space save than individual water heaters.
A typical gas centralised hot water system supplying residential dwellings includes:
one or more central hot water heaters, with corresponding gas meters
insulated piping to each apartment, with individual hot water meters.The total amount of gas consumed to provide hot water is split amongst the dwellings supplied.  Each dwelling’s gas consumption quota is calculated based on the amount of water flowing from the boiler to the dwelling measured by the hot water meter, and is reflected on an individual gas bill.
SolarLord commercial gas hot water systems are available in a host of options including hot water storage tanks, warm water valves, heat exchange tanks, solar pre-heating, circulating pump controllers and BMS take off points. 
Complete systems can be pre-assembled to wall mounting, free standing or skid mounted in our factory. By taking a modular approach, each system has been tested and can be easily transported and fitted into position, which means it requires connecting only on site.