Solar Hot Water

Solar Lord™ has an extensive range of domestic hot water systems suitable for all Australian households, from individual homes to high rise apartments. The systems use the world's most advanced solar energy technology and the most efficient collector.

Since Solar Lord’s U Tube collector won the HIA GreenSmart Award in 2007, it has been recognised for its superior solar energy efficiency over the traditional collectors. Solar Lord is leading the trend and other solar energy companies are following. The German design developed from Australian coating technology has enabled the U Tube collector to achieve greater efficiency to 98.4%, the highest thermal stability and durability. Solar Lord further develops its applications toward integrations of efficiency, aesthetics and practice.  

Solar Lord’s U Tube product is enabling builders and home owners to achieve a truly harmonious yet practical, robust and energy efficient solar hot water system. The U Tube is an aesthetically appealing product; it can sit virtually flat if required, thereby minimising its visibility and impact on the surrounding environment.

We continue to provide households and businesses a cost effective solution saving money and protecting our environment. Solar Lord™ manufactures a large range of the most efficient hot water units. Each range has specific solar energy benefits including high efficiencies, versatility, easy maintenance, long life endurance plus safety and guaranteed reliability. Solar Lord aims to bring you free hot water for many years.