Demo Dairy Farm in Terang

ClientDemoDAIRY Co-operative Ltd
CategoryHot Water for Commercial & industry

DemoDAIRY Co-operative Ltd. is a not for profit commercial dairy farm and research facility.

The organisation is run by a Board of Management (volunteers) and has a shareholder base of around 300 members To provide a farmer-owned and managed resource that industry uses to demonstrate and promote farm management practices enabling dairy farmers to operate profitable and sustainable businesses.   Solar Lord hot water systems have been used as a preheat system to meet dairy daily wash needs. Four U tube collectors feed two 300L superior solar storage tanks. In summer peak time the system is able to supply 1,000L-1,200L hot water at 70C degrees. Off peak tariff, connected to electric heating elements, boost the hot water to 80-90C degrees for hygienic cleaning on next day morning. Using free solar energy has cut electric usage significantly.