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Haven is part of an extraordinary riverland sanctuary, this 9 level luxury apartment built next to a spectacular river, not only had treetop views but also provides residential amenities akin to a 5 star hotel. Solar Lord’s high efficient Utube collectors are integrated with the roof top space and with the architectural exterior design features.



Eden 203 Luxury apartments
Owner Hamton JV (Abbotsford) Pty Ltd
Builder L U Simon
Project Team Ark Resources, ESD consultant

A restaurant consumes a high volume of hot water each business day. A solar water system will preheat the restaurant’s incoming cold water and feed to instantaneous gas boosters. A Solar Lord hot water system has been installed to serve daily wash needs. The system provides 1,000L hot water to this award-winning "Chefs Hat" kitchen at The Grand Hotel, which serves up simple, authentic Italian food with an emphasis on both quality ingredients and value.