Established in 1998, Solar LordTM's mission has been to increase the acceptance of renewable energy sources, rapidly reduce greenhouse gas emissions and promote sustainable lifestyles in Australia and internationally.

Solar LordTM's U Tube collector won the HIA GreenSmart Award in 2007, recognition for its superior efficiency over its predecessors. German designed and developed from Australian coating technology, it achieves the most efficient and highest thermal stability. The U tube collector system can generate 90% more free energy for domestic hot water use. Efficiency and return on investment through reduced energy use has been set as the new standard for industry.

Over the last five years, Solar LordTM has further developed its applications toward integrations of efficiency, aesthetics and practice. We are leaders at reducing carbon footprints and maintaining harmony to buildings and the environment.
A team of passionate and knowledgeable solar advocates, a global, award winning market leader of solar thermal manufacturing means you can feel confident choosing and trusting Solar LordTM.

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Miscellaneous Information:

Solar Lord is a national company with services and products available in most capital cities. Our service technicians and service agents have an intimate knowledge of Solar Lord’s entire product range and are supplied with the correct parts, tools and service manuals to facilitate a quick solution to any product problem.

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